When Life Gives You Lemons – Go To WordCamp US!

Sometimes, even though you are trying your very best to keep your life in order, life has other plans.  I am no stranger to the little black cloud that has seemingly followed me my entire life.  And, despite my continual efforts to pull out my bright red umbrella and brave the storms, sometimes I get a little soaked.


For those of you that have continued to visit my website, despite my obvious absence…I thank you. I have had a rough past few months personally and had to get things in order for not only myself, but my son.  And to say it has been difficult is an understatement.

However, my red umbrella is always in tote and I am ready to ring in a New Year full of fresh hopes, dreams, and hopefully some delicious lemonade!

I Am Gearing Up For WordCamp US!


Yup, you heard me right!  I have been blessed with the opportunity to attend my very first WordCamp.  And, it just so happens to be be in my beautiful country – the United States of America.  Thanks to the wonderful people at WP Engine and my love for WordPress (along with the profound effect it has had on my life), I am going to experience WordCamp US 2016 without a worry in the world.  Besides getting lost.  I tend to get lost everywhere I go.

This morning – too early if you ask me – I will be boarding a flight to the historic city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  I will ride my very first train, walk the rest of the way to my hotel, and join many other WordPress enthusiasts gearing up for two days of networking, learning, and of course swag!

Coming from Las Vegas, Nevada, Philly will be like a foreign place to me, which makes me very nervous.  But, I am excited to meet new people, learn more about WordPress (and share with my readers of course!), and see the sights.

Here is my goal sightseeing list:

  • Benjamin Franklin’s grave
  • The Liberty Bell
  • Independence Hall
  • National Constitution Center

Holding a degree in United States history, it is safe to say these things are right up my alley and make this trip so worth it!

Wrapping Up

So, as I wrap up this real quick update, I say to those that have been loyal, hang in there!  I am prepping to get back on track because I have so many things I want to share with you.  Plus, I would love to see you continuing to learn and grow.

To the wonderful people at WP Engine, I cannot thank you enough for giving someone as ordinary as me a chance to experience something like WordCamp US.  Without your help, this opportunity would never have come to fruition.

And to those that are new to my website, just wait and see.  More great stuff is on the way!

Make sure to check back early next week and see what I have to say about my very first WordCamp experience. Did you attend?  I would love to hear your thoughts about the experience as well!

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