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The Top 7 Reasons to Utilize Email Marketing

I have not put much thought into marketing my blog so far. After all, I am still very new and I do not offer a physical product for sale, I do not have an e-book, and I do not offer online coaching. Yet the more I research other topics for my writing assignments, the more I seem to come across the idea of online marketing. This is not done through Facebook, or Twitter, or Pinterest, or whatever social media you like to frequent.

It is done using good old fashioned email.

What’s more, email marketing is not just for selling products.

This got me thinking. Could I, little freelancing fish in the big pond that I am, make use of this email marketing to gain more clients? I mean, I do not get a lot of visitors (yet!). Who could possibly want to “subscribe” to my content? Then I thought, well, maybe someone would want to. And that is how it starts right? One person turns into 20 turns into 100 turns into…well you get the point. So I did a little research for myself and I found out some really great things.

With the rise of the social media craze it would seem a little backwards to rely heavily on email marketing. In fact there are a lot of people out there trying to convince the online world that email is dying. The truth is though, by the year 2018, it is estimated that there will be over 5.2 billion worldwide email accounts. In addition, 91% of people use their emails on a daily basis. That means there is a lot of exposure to be had by all. So why not include your website?

Here are the top 7 reasons anyone (myself included) should consider email marketing of their website to promote products, content, or even services.

1.  Actual Reach

Email is designed to target specific individuals on a regular basis. So long as the email is opened by its receiver, that person has been reached. There are not millions of other tweets, posts, and images to fight against. Once an email is in the inbox, it must be deleted to remain unseen. On Facebook and Twitter, the main screen simply needs to fill up with others posting and your message is lost forever in the shuffle.

2.  Personalization

Emails add that personal touch that the popular social media platforms struggle to. Email is not a public forum either. It is one-on-one attention targeted directly at a specific type of user. Anyone on public social media can see your content (which is great for exposure of course!). But the fact that email gives the impression that only the receiver is being targeted makes it feel less generic.

3.  It is Permission Based

Those opting in to receive your emails do so actively. They have read your website content. They like what they see. They want more. This assures you that those receiving your content are interested and are up to date on all the information that is being created and shared. Plus, it makes it easier for your readers to stay updated on your fresh content. The information that your readers want is delivered straight to them allowing them to easily access your website in any given moment.

4.  Easy Tracking

Tracking email statistics is fairly straightforward. With a quality analytics tool you can measure list sizes, open rates, complaints, and unsubscribes. These values are useful in determining what works and what does not on your site. It can give insight into what people enjoy reading about, what people are interested in purchasing, and what maybe irks them. You are then able to adjust accordingly.  This is not as easily done with other forms of online marketing.

5.  Email Goes Everywhere

People are on the go more than ever and their mobile devices, whether they be phones, tablets, or even laptops, follow along. While someone may not find the time in their busy schedule to check Facebook posts in an engaging and serious way, everyone makes time for checking their emails. In fact, 45% of all opened emails occur while on a mobile device.

6.  It is More Professional

People are more apt to communicate with sellers via email because it is more professional. And trust me, sometimes marketing includes actually customer engagement.  People enjoy the thought of being able to easily contact a seller and doing so through email is very convenient. The quality of content within an email is at a higher level and more content can be shared through email than a character limited tweet or a short Facebook/LinkedIn post (both of which do not like promotional content anyways).

7.  Email is Expected to be Promotional

As mentioned in #6 many social media platforms have a low tolerance for promotional content. Emails however are expected to be somewhat promotional. And what’s better, you can include some of your great content within an email making it that much more attractive to the subscriber. It allows potential customers or clients to feel they are getting more out your marketing strategy than a simple plug to buy your product or service.


In the end, whether you sell a product, your expertise in the form of online coaching, or even writing services (like I do), email marketing can be beneficial. Email can inform loyal customers on a regular basis, promote new products or ideas, and even reach new people interested in what you have to say or sell. Utilizing an email marketing strategy is a surefire way to get your website out in the open and make its reach farther than you ever imagined.


Do you have any tips for why email marketing is so successful?  I would love to hear from you in the comments below! 

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