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Look Ahead

Marketing Goals – Looking Ahead as I Get Closer to My Dream!

Hey hey everyone! I know, I know. I have been MIA for some time now. You know, they are not lying when they say your own blog is the first to go down when it comes getting work done as a freelance writer. My blog is a prime example of that. However, I have some […]

Riddle Plugin Review

Bringing Social Media Fun to Your Website Using Riddle

While content is always going to be the driving force behind a successful website, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out amongst the millions of websites all vying for your readers’ attention. Promoting your brand, generating leads, and increasing sales using a variety of content marketing techniques should be your goal as a business […]

Editorial Calendar

Why You Should Use an Editorial Calendar Plugin as Part of Your Content Marketing Plan

Content Marketing is SEO these days. Sure, SEO is technically anything that improves your website to increase the traffic the site receives from search engines. And there are still lots of really great tips and tricks for gaining favor among the search engines crawling your website. However, major search engines such as Google are giving […]