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Anchor Link

How to Create an Anchor Link in Your WordPress Content

When you think of hyperlinks you probably think of linking two separate webpages together. However, did you know that you can actually hyperlink to content on the same webpage? Check it out by clicking here. This technique is called creating an anchor link, or jump link, and can be useful for many different types of […]

Add a Nofollow Attribute to a Link

How to Add a NoFollow Attribute to a Link

In early 2005, three major corporations, Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft, along with other major blogging platforms, announced the creation of the nofollow attribute in response to their promise to fight the rise of comment spam. Helping to define the relationship a link has to a page that it points to, rel=”nofollow” was born. Dofollow v. […]

Social Media

Integrating Social Media Accounts Into Your Email Signature

Adding “follow me” social media icons to your email signature is a quick and efficient way to promote your website. Integrating social media and email together can do several things for your marketing efforts: • Spread the reach of your website’s content. Not only do people receiving your email have easy access to your website […]

WordPress Read More Tag

How to Add a Read More Tag to Your WordPress Blog

There is much to be said about a simple and clean looking website. Readers do not want to come to your blog and be bombarded with tons of information they may or may not be interested in. That is why inserting a More Tag into all of your posts is a great solution. Adding a […]

WordPress Permalinks

How to Change Your WordPress Permalinks

After carefully crafting what you feel is your best post yet, have you ever noticed what your post’s URL is?  Did you even know that there was such a thing?  Better yet, did you know you could change it to become more user and SEO friendly? Take a look… What is a Permalink? Permalinks are […]