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Back to Work - All Things WordPress Related

I’m Back! All Things WordPress Related

Whew, it sure seems like I have been out of sorts for a long time…and the truth is, I HAVE!  And honestly, I miss my WordPress writing! Some very exciting things have happened to me in the past couple of months which unfortunately left my loyal readers to probably wonder where I had gone. I […]

Look Ahead

Marketing Goals – Looking Ahead as I Get Closer to My Dream!

Hey hey everyone! I know, I know. I have been MIA for some time now. You know, they are not lying when they say your own blog is the first to go down when it comes getting work done as a freelance writer. My blog is a prime example of that. However, I have some […]

Sponsored Posts

What Are Sponsored Posts?

I was recently approached by a website owner and asked if I would be interested in publishing a sponsored post on his website. After much back and forth between myself and the website owner, I came to the realization that I had no clue what a sponsored post was. And neither do many others I […]


10 Freelance Lessons I Am Thankful I Learned

As I sit here, after a long and satisfying Thanksgiving Day with my family, I am able to reflect on many things. This time of year always seems to do that right? Well, as this year nears its end I am particularly drawn to the different path my life has taken. If you had asked […]

Winning Way To Pitch

The Winning Way to Pitch to New Clients

Starting out as a freelance writer can be scary.  It was (and still is) for me. I had no experience, portfolio, or even the basic “know-how” to get things done.  But that didn’t stop me. With a little bit of research about how to freelance write, a little bit of practice writing the “perfect” pitch, […]

Be a Dreamer

Be a Dreamer That Does Something

Dreaming is easy… I am a thinker by nature.  I think about what I will do today, what I will do tomorrow, what I will do in the next month, next year, in the next five years…the list goes on and on.  This can be both a blessing and a curse. I always have ideas. […]

It's Easy To Get Lost

It’s Easy To Get Lost

Website.  Check. First blog post.  Check. Now what? I am finding myself becoming very overwhelmed.  Not in a scary I want to quit way, but in a there is a lot of information out there telling me what to do and it is all different, kind of way.

Just Push Publish

Just Push Publish

I am not a risk taker. I do not relish in change.  I fear what others will say about me and I always follow the societal norm. Until now.