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Lindsay Liedke – Writer on a Journey

Writer.  Mother.  Lover of all things organized.  Thinker who loves research.

What I am up to…

I am a freelance writer who loves all things WordPress and I have a blog to tell it all.  I love writing plugin and theme reviews, as well as creating tutorials.  I am learning new things everyday about WordPress and want to share my tips with everyone else.

I am also for hire to write any type of content your website may need.  Check out my previous work and get in contact, even if just to say hi!

My ultimate goal is to pursue a life where I enjoy what I do for a living but get to spend time with my family and travel around the world!  I want to better myself as a person, with the freedom to do as I choose, and all without the constraints of the corporate world.

I am grateful that with a little bit of luck, some really hard work, a whole lot of passion, and great people alongside helping me when they can, I am finally enjoying what I do for a living. I plan on continuing this journey, writing for those in need, and sharing what I learn along the way.

If you are interested in my services please do not hesitate to get in touch.  Check out my Hire Me page if there is something you need or email me at lindsayliedke@gmail.com.


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